Zoo keeper for a day

Be a zoo keeper for a day. Shadow a zookeeper for real and get up close and personal with wild animals.

Now I know that not everybody can get to Hertfordshire, (though I do think the trip is well worth it) or you might just want to check out the whole field and pick your own.
So what I’ve got here is the complete list of Zoo keeper for a Day/Shadow a Zookeeper experiences that you can get. Some are specialist days like big cats or monkeys, others cover lots of animals.
Check out the details first so you get the exact experience you want.
We deal only with top experience merchants and update our prices every day so you know we’ve done your shopping around for you.

You’ll notice that several merchants feature the same experience, so in that case just choose on price!

What happens on the day?

Well it varies by location, but in general you get free entry to the zoo or wildlife park for the day to spend as long as you like there. Then you get to spend time – up to a full eight hours – going round with the keeper, helping with the feeding, mucking out, entertaining and generally looking after the animals. In fact it’s the next best thing to being a keeper yourself – you do the lot.
The keeper will tell you about the animals, answer any questions, and give you the best insight you’ll get into what their job actually entails.
There are some minimum age restrictions, but also some great days tailored specially for young people. And needless to say you need to go in working clothes as this is very much a hands-on day. And who knows, after this, you could be planning a whole new career change!!

Author: Alasdair

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