Zombie experience days

This is clearly the best, and most original experience day ever – fighting zombies.
Since some bright spark noticed that there weren’t enough opportunities for battling the undead in the UK, the range and complexity of zombie fighting gifts has grown massively. And yet many people don’t even know they exist!

First of all, here’s my recommended zombie apocalypse experience. If you’re in a hurry, you can trust that this is an amazing experience from a reputable company at a good price.

Alasdair’s recommended zombie experience day

I selected this particular zombie gift. It’s available from a reputable company at a special price, so what more could you ask for?

The experience above is my recommended zombie day, but if you’re more particular about location or the specific ‘story’ of the event, then read on for more information.

Compare zombie experiences

What happens on zombie experience days?

Each experience is different, but there are a lot of similarities between them. The basic premise is that you turn up, get a bit of training on health and safety, and how to use airsoft weapons, and then you’re let loose on a scene where zombies (or maybe actors impersonating zombies) rampage after you. If you think shooting zombies (sometimes paintballs, usually airsoft weapons) while running and hiding from the moaning undead, you’ll be quite near the mark.

The main difference in the experiences is the location, and because of the limited number of spaces available, they can sell out really fast. You’ll normally have the choice between such locations as

  • An old manor house in Cheshire,
  • A deserted shopping centre in Reading
  • A bootcamp in a bleak, outdoor industrial estate in the Midlands
  • Zombie Battle training in London

They all have their own benefits, so just pick your favourite.

How easy are the zombie apocalypse days?

Not at all easy. As you can imagine, running away from zombies isn’t for the faint hearted. If the zombies get hold of you they won’t be forgiving, and while they probably won’t kill you or devour your brains, you might get a bit jumbled about. There’s also a real feeling of peril when you see and hear the zombies for the first time. The atmosphere and set design is so good that once the zombies are unleashed, you’d have to be a robot to not feel some sense of excitement and fear.

So it’s not as exciting and frightening as fighting for your life in a real zombie invasion, you need to be fairly fit and able bodied to get the most out of this experience. It’s maybe not the best gift for your grandparents – maybe get them a bungee jump instead 🙂 The youngest age you can go on these experiences ranges from 12 to 16, depending on the intensity of the day. As always, click through to check on the individual experience before you buy.

Some people would always prefer to be on the underdog’s side, and for them, they can become a zombie. They will be on the flipside of the zombie experiences, as they are trained in zombie tactics, decorated with zombie makeup and set free to attack the helpless individuals who are trying to escape them.

Personally, I prefer escaping from zombies rather then being one, but there’s no accounting for taste! Some experiences have a session as a zombie fighter, followed by a session as a zombie, and some just have the zombie school. Here’s a rundown of zombie experiences where you can be a zombie, and zombie school experiences.

Author: Alasdair

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