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Zip wire experience – the most excitement you can have with your clothes on. Or without.

Fancy hurtling at 100mph for a mile through space hanging from a thin wire?
Want to know more? You bet.


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I selected this zip wire experience for you as it’s the longest, most hairiest most terrifying zipwire experience in Europe and I KNOW that you’re hard enough


Why should I do a zipwire experience?

Basically, because you’re a nutter.

Nobody in their right mind would want to hang suspended in space, separated from plunging half a mile to their death by nothing more than a bit of wire and a flimsy harness.

And even more, nobody at all would then want to plummet at speeds reaching a hundred miles an hour (that’s 100 mph on your speedo) for a mile – that’s 1,760 yards, 5280 feet or 1.609 kilometres – with only empty space below them.

I’ll admit it, you wouldn’t get me within a mile of one of these things. And I’m dead hard.
But for some reason that I can’t fathom, apparently sane people rush to this totally mad experience in their hundreds, if not thousands. And when they’ve done it once, they want to do it again.

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Zipwires? I’m interested

Right, so we’ve established that you’re harder than me – or in technical terms, certifiable – and you want to know how this thing works.
Well firstly it’s near Bethesda in North Wales. It’s the ultimate zip wire, the longest in the whole of Europe, and the only zip wire experience worth looking at. If you can find any others, they’re probably for pussycats and old grannies.

When you turn up for your zip flight, you get told all about it and shown the equipment. I’d take a warm pair of gloves and sturdy shoes if it was me – which it definitely won’t be.
Then there’s a trip on the “little zipper” which is a shorter version to prepare you for the Big Zipper. But be warned, it won’t prepare you. Nothing can prepare you for that. Certainly nothing could prepare me!

Then it’s all aboard for the trip up to the top, get fastened in, say your prayers and off you go.

Original gift idea

What we’ve found is that some people are mad enough to buy this for themselves.
But just as often, people buy this for their OH, GF, BF, son, daughter, dad, brother, sister.
And in every case, it’s been rated as an absolutely fabulous present.

Forget the socks, games and other conventional gifts. This is one that will be appreciated, enjoyed and remembered. So now you know. Get to it. Buy now while stocks last. For yourself. For somebody else. For anybody in fact but me!
There’s just the one Big Zipper experience, sold by all the experience companies.
We deal only with the top ones that are reliable and want to make sure you have a good time and get value for money.
And we monitor their prices constantly so you don’t have to.

Alasdair’s top tip is check out the complete list below and just buy the cheapest. They’re all the same, the companies we deal with are all good, so buy on price.

And when you’ve done it, come back and tell us what you thought. We’d love to share your videos and pictures!

Author: Alasdair

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