Wedgwood pottery experience

Want to try your hand at pottery? Well where better than at Wedgwood, one of the oldest and most respected ceramic makers there is.

Ceramics and pottery are a fascinating world, and if you’ve ever wondered how china and pottery are made, then a ceramic experience is just the thing. They range from thoroughly absorbing tours of the factory, through hands-on experience at throwing a pot, having tea at the factory to the deluxe experience which even adds a fabulous lunch.
They’re marketed by a number of top experience day providers, and even the top ones are remarkably cheap, so I’ve lined them all up for you below, with today’s latest prices so you can compare before buying and be the first to pick up any special offers.

Tell me about the Wedgwood experiences

Right, well as you’d expect they all take place at the Wedgwood factory in Staffordshire, the very heart of the pottery industries founded by Josiah Wedgwood in the late eighteenth century. You’ll have heard of “the Potteries” referring to that part of Staffordshire around Stoke on Trent that has been the centre of expertise and pottery production in the UK for hundreds of years. And of course you’ll know the famous Potteries novelist Arnold Bennett who wrote such classics as Anna of the Five Towns and the Clayhanger series that you may have seen dramatised on TV.
At the Wedgwood HQ near Stoke on Trent, there’s a purpose-built visitor centre and museum, where you can learn all about the history and development of pottery at Wedgwood. And you’ll be able to examine priceless pieces of Wedgwood pottery that are on display for you.
Most of the experiences feature a tour of the Visitor Centre and museum to give you a fascinating and essential background to pottery at Wedgwood.

Some of the experiences give you coffee and biscuits, or afternoon tea where you can relax and discuss what you’ve seen. And the deluxe experience features a mouthwatering two course lunch in the Ivyhouse restaurant.
But this is a working factory with experts on hand, so it would be a pity to miss the chance to try your hand at throwing a pot (after a demo and a bit of instruction, of course). And even better, the pot you make will be fired after you’ve gone and posted to you at home so you’ll have a permanent memento of your day to display in pride of place next to the TV (or hide in the back of a cupboard, depending on how good your throwing attempt turned out to be!!).
An apron is provided of course, so you don’t get too messed up, but if you’d prefer not to get up to your elbows in wet clay, then you have the alternative of decorating a plate which is also fired and posted to you a few days after your experience. And as with pot-throwing, you’ll find the tips and tricks passed on to you by the experts to be invaluable in producing a work of art of your own unique design.

On some of the experiences, you’ll even receive a special gift of Wedgwood pottery and a discount voucher for use in the shop.
This is a day out for all ages and all types, and apart from the refreshments and lunch, there’s plenty to interest and fascinate people of all ages, whether you want to have a go at throwing a pot or decorating a plate yourself, or not.

Wedgwood gift experience

Whatever the occasion – birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s – one of these Wedgwood ceramic experiences makes a tremendous gift. Buy a couple’s experience and take your OH or a friend, or why not make a group visit with colleagues from work.
Everybody knows and loves Wedgwood and their famous Jasperware and so it would be hard to think of anyone who wouldn’t appreciate this gift.
So when it comes to those “hard-to-buy-for” people, it’s problem solved, for this year at least. You’ll be giving an original gift, an unexpected one, and most of all a most welcome one.
And who knows, the recipient might enjoy it so much that they’d welcome a repeat of this gift in years to come and solve your gift problems at a stroke.

Author: Alasdair

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