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The Shard
Standing 309.7 metres (1,016 ft) tall, the Shard is easily the highest building in the United Kingdom. the tallest building in the European Union, and the fifth-tallest building in the whole of Europe. It also houses the highest viewing platform in London. I’ve found some great prices for tickets, along with value added gifts including tea, meals and champagne.

Alasdair’s recommended ‘View From the Shard’ gift

So you obviously know what the Shard is or you wouldn’t be here. As the tallest building in Western Europe, it’s become one of the top visitor attractions in London.

A lot of people don’t realise that it costs quite a bit to go up the Shard – a couple will easily spend at least £50 just to ride the lift to the top and take in the view. But it’s an amazing view, and because it’s a relatively new building, it’s still really nice and shiny.

The big experience day providers have done deals with the owners of the skyscraper, to allow them to sell tickets to the viewing platform alongside other treats. The towers houses numerous restaurants and bars, including the world’s highest champagne bar. These gifts with added extras aren’t available through the official Shard site – they’re special packages only available through these experience providers.

Here’s a list of all the Shard gifts available in the UK today, with up-to-the minute prices.

Choose your special Shard experience from the list below. It’s in price order, so you’ll see that the further down the list you get, the more added extras you’ll get.

Compare ‘View From the Shard’ gifts

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As you can see, there are lots of different experiences involving the Shard. As I’ve said above, I think it’s a nice treat to have a glass of champagne while you’re up there, in the Lanson champagne bar. At 800m up, on the 72nd floor, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted views in comfort.

Is it inside or outside

A bit of both. As you can just about see from the pictures, the viewing platform covers several floors at the top of the building, with glass covering the exterior. On the lower platform you’re completely enclosed, however on the higher levels it’s not a sealed glass wall but more like a greenhouse that’s open to the elements. This means that even if it’s cold or breezy, you should be mostly protected from the elements.

So what’s the view like?

It’s amazing, have a look at this video if you want to see it for yourself:



Author: Alasdair

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