Lorry driving and truck driving experiences

You know those big wagons on the motorway? Well they take some real skill to drive, and now you can experience what it’s like to drive a truck.

So then, what trucks can I drive?

I’ve covered monster trucks and dumper trucks in more detail on other pages of this site, so this truck page concentrates solely on the big haulage trucks. The type of truck you normally use on these experiences is the the 480bhp DAF tractor unit. As you can see from the picture above, this is more than enough lorry to get your teeth into.
Here’s a list of all the truck driving gift days available right now.

More about the trucks

The experience companies use the DAF 480bhp as race car transporters, delivering supercars for supercar experiences around the various race tracks in the UK. Of course when the cars are racing round the track, these juggernauts are empty and free for truck-nuts to take for a spin.

They are seriously huge. With 16 gears and automatic transmission these massive tractor units pack some serious power,

So what happens on the day?

After a briefing from your instructor, you’ll get behind the wheel and get trucking, with a slalom course and the chance to reverse the 40 foot trailer. The average experience will give you about 15 minutes of driving, but as with all these days, you get what you pay for. There are plenty of opportunities to pay a bit extra for a longer driving time.

So what about dumper trucks?

They’re not actually trucks are they, but if dumper trucks are your thing there are plenty available

Author: Alasdair

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