Thames dinner cruise – romance afloat

You thought a life on the ocean wave was the height of romance? Well here’s something way better. A Thames dinner cruise is cheaper, nearer and far far more romantic. And you get to go to bed on shore afterwards!

Alasdair’s recommended Thames dinner cruise

I selected this particular dinner cruise experience for you because it gives you an excellent combination of price, entertainment and value for money.

What shouts “Romance” more than the two of you gliding down the legendary Thames, admiring all the wonderful sights that this most Capital of Capital Cities has to offer by night, languorously enjoying a wonderful dinner to the sound of your favourite music?
You don’t need me to spell it out – it’s what you’ve always dreamed of, the surefire way to put the one you love in the mood. And all without breaking the bank. Is this Heaven or what?

We’ve put together for you all the Thames dinner cruises on offer from the UK’s top Experience merchants, so you can check them out yourself and book the exact one that really floats your boat.

We only use top reputable companies whose sole priority is for you to have the best and most romantic dinner cruise ever. And we bring you the very latest prices bang up to date. So you can snap up any bargains and special offers while they’re still around.
Choose your special evening from the list below.

As you can see, there are lots of different variations on a dinner cruise, so you’ll be sure to find the one that’s exactly right for you. There are inexpensive Dinner cruises down the Thames, there are luxury packages, there are ones in between.

Dinner on shore first at a top dining venue and the cruise to follow? No problem.
Dinner gliding down the river to the fantastic sounds of a showband? That’s certainly a favourite.
Include a trip on the famous London Eye or a ride to the top of the Shard with its fabulous views of the London skyline? You got it!

In short, what we’re saying is whatever your budget, whatever your own and your loved one’s idea of THE romantic river cruise, there’ll be one in the list to fit the bill exactly.

What a romantic surprise

Imagine your partner’s face as you surprise them with this romantic night out, cruising down one of the world’s most famous rivers, wondering at the legendary lights shows of the nightscape.
How many Brownie points would that be worth?

You can in fact go on your own with a single ticket, but we think you might feel out of place and we’d recommend that this is a couple’s occasion, when you’d be around other couples, all searching for the same kind of top romantic experience as you.

Or how about giving this wonderful experience to a couple you know who are celebrating an anniversary or birthday? You can be certain how much it would be appreciated.

Alasdair’s dinner cruise tip

Even though the night is dedicated to romance, enjoyment and pleasure, you’ll need to remember that the boat will set off on time whether all its passengers are there or not. So whatever you do, don’t get so into the moment that you forget the time and arrive at the jetty to see the other celebrating couples sailing into the distance.
But don’t worry, it’s very easy to find the embarkation point, and you’re always on time, aren’t you?

Although details vary, you’re usually welcomed aboard your vessel with a drink, then you and your partner simply sit back, relax and enjoy being pampered by attentive staff as you savour the Romantic experience of a lifetime.
We know you’ll love it, but do feel free to come back here and tell us what you think, show us your pictures or videos. Just like you, other people do love to read recommendations to help them decide.

Author: Alasdair

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