Save 50% on eating out with Tastecard

Save 50% on eating out at over 7000 restaurants nationwide with Tastecard. From Pizza Express to Michelin-starred restaurants. With close on a million members already, what are you waiting for? Buy your Tastecard today and start saving.

Alasdair’s recommended Tastecard deal

I’ve picked this one for you because quite simply it’s the cheapest.


What’s the deal?

It’s very simple. You pay a one-off fee and get a Tastecard valid for a year.
And Tastecard entitles you to either 2 for 1 meals, or 50% off the total bill at thousands of restaurants across the UK. And the number of restaurants and deals is growing all the time.
Tastecard is constantly improving the benefits for members, and as well as the dining out discounts, you can get at time of writing discounts on cinemas and hotels too.
Restaurants range from nationwide chains like Pizza Express, Prezzo, Strada, Zizzi to Michelin-starred restaurants.
Marco Pierre White accepts Tastecard, so what better recommendation can you have?

What this means is that whatever your preferred type of eating out, Tastecard will save YOU money.
You normally ring up and book, enjoy your meal, present your Tastecard and get your discount.
Discounts will be either 50% off the total bill, or 2 for 1 on the meal only. So we’re not talking 10% here, we’re talking big savings. Again and again. For a year.
At our discounted price, you won’t have to eat out very often to pay for that.

What’s the catch? Why should they do it?

There is no catch.
Quite simply, restaurants use Tastecard to attract customers. There are close on a million members in the UK who, when they are going out to eat, check out the Tastecard directory first to decide where to go. That’s quite a big customer-base. You get a copy of the full Tastecard directory with your membership card.

They also use it to fill tables at times that would otherwise be quiet – some restaurants exclude Friday or Saturday nights, for instance, but then by no means all of them do.

The participating restaurants don’t even get a cut from your annual Tastecard fee. But the extra custom it brings them still makes it worthwhile for them to join the scheme.

And finally, just so you can check all the offers that there are for discounted Tastecard and see what a bargain you’re getting, I’ve listed them all for you below.
Prices are updated as of today, but may change at any time.

Author: Alasdair

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