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There is only one Full Monty tank driving experience, marketed by lots of companies.
We keep track of the prices for you in real time from only the top and most reliable merchants, so just check out the full list below and buy the cheapest!

Best price for the Full Monty

Who hasn’t always LONGED to drive a tank??
And we don’t just mean men either. Men or women, young or old, rampaging across the countryside in one of these all-steel giants is an adventure that every one of us needs to try out.

The roar of the massive diesels, the hammering of the steel treads as they take you up hill, down dale, through mud, over anything that nature has to throw at them – imagine yourself standing warrior-like in the turret knowing that there’s literally nothing that can stop you!
Who wouldn’t want one of these bad boys? We call it the Supreme driving experience.

And of all the tank-driving experiences you can buy, the Full Monty, is far and away the best.
You even get to crush a car! How cool is that?


What makes the Full Monty the best?

Quite simply the range of armoured and military vehicles you get to drive, the people running the day who make it their business for you to have the best time, and a surprisingly affordable day of playing soldiers with real soldiers’ tanks and army equipment.
The only way you could better this is to join the Army. And that means you couldn’t go home when you’ve done!

This is the absolute Field Marshal of tank driving experience days.

It’s not the cheapest tank experience by any means, but none of the others comes close, in our opinion, and if you can afford it, then this is the only one we recommend.


Our review of the Full Monty – what happens?

Well we’re afraid that you start your day with an essential safety briefing.
Sounds a drag, but it’s actually where the fun starts as you begin to discover the power, weight and mind-shattering abilities of the military Titans you’ll be getting up close and personal with. And as a bonus it will make sure you come away from your day safe and sound, in good condition to post your videos on Youtube, put your pix up on Facebook, and generally talk about what a brilliant experience it was until everybody is sick of hearing you!

And then it’s straight into action, hands-on, eyeballs-out, for the most exciting day of your life.

The list of tracked vehicles, tanks and militaria on offer is long.
How about towering three metres off the ground in the mighty 16 ton 25 foot monster that is the Russian Gvozdika tank?

Russian Gvozdika tank .
Or the famous FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier (or APC as you’ll learn to call it) and the all-terrain land/water Hagglund carrier.
Then have a shot at the fabulous Rapier rocket carrier and Lance missile carrier.
How will you cope with all the excitement?

And as if that’s not enough, in between your stints of modern heavy artillery and warfare, you’ll fit in shooting muskets (yes, this is what the Three Musketeers were really about), shooting clays and doing an SAS style woodland patrol.

It’s non-stop action, but then what else would you expect on a top tank driving day out?

And then to climax your experience, up you go into the world-renowned Chieftain Tank, all 56 tons of power and aggression and raw steel.
And the day’s best driver will even get take to rampage this mighty steel warrior and crush a car while everyone stands in the cockpit cheering and shouting.

Where can I do it?

The Full Monty experience takes place only at Brackley in Northamptonshire on classic rough tank terrain – after all you wouldn’t want to drive it on the flat, would you?


Give the Full Monty as an original gift idea

Most people we know would buy this for themselves, or themselves and a mate.

But picture your OH’s face when you hand over this Adventure of a Lifetime for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, – or just because they deserve it.

And of course if you don’t fancy going on this yourself but buy it as a gift for someone, then why not go along as photographer to take pics and videos and record the whole wonderful day.

Author: Alasdair

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