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Would you believe that you can swim with sharks in the UK? You probably would believe it, and that’s why you’re looking at this page! There are a surprisingly large number of shark experience days in the UK, at some of the UK’s largest aquariums.

Alasdair’s recommended swim with sharks experience

A great price for scuba diving with sharks. This one is intense!

The main thing that differentiates these shark diving experiences apart from the location is whether you’re inside or outside.

Shark diving outdoors

Most of the Scottish experiences are in the open sea, you’ll be able to observe and swim with basking sharks which are native to British waters. You’ll be wearing a wet suit and life jacket, but there’s no need for scuba equipment as these sharks prefer to interact if you’re bobbing about on the surface of the water.

Shark diving indoors

Some large aquariums run shark diving experiences in their enormous fish tanks. As these are temperature controlled and better stocked, there’s a wider range of sharks than with the outdoor experiences. The cheaper experiences usually just include a 15 minute swim wearing a snorkel and wetsuit. You won’t be going far underwater and you won’t be sitting on the bottom, surrounded by hungry sharks.

All the more expensive experiences give you a longer time with the sharks, and include scuba equipment. These are the ones that are like Jaws, where you sit on the bottom and the fish swim all around you. Because scuba diving is involved, these experiences can be a bit more limited in who they are suitable for, especially if you have a medical condition. That said, all these shark experiences are really memorable, but make sure you get the right one.

Here’s a list of all the ‘swim with sharks’ experiences in the UK today.

Swim with sharks experiences near me?

It depends on where you live. There are 2 main centres for shark experiences – Indoor and outdoor shark experiences are both available in Scotland, while Cheshire is home to another aquarium-based shark diving adventure.

Apart from these two locations, some other smaller aquariums also run indoor shark experiences. Take a look at our listings for more information.

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