Auto circus driving experience – wacky cars

Auto circus is a fun driving experience that’ll have you splitting your sides from start to finish – it’s just that daft.
There are half a dozen totally insane driving experiences to try your hand at, from rallying a Reliant Robin (Trotters Independent Trading anybody?) to driving a double decker car (yes that’s car, not bus). Or How about steering a car where the steering goes the wrong way – point left to steer right anybody?. Not forgetting the castor cars where you’ll be amazed if you can even steer in a straight line.

Alasdair’s recommended Auto circus driving experience

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Just now, there’s only the one auto circus experience and it’s a fabulous one! It’s sold by several different companies, so choose the cheapest.

Anything I should know?

Not a lot really.
It’s a very light-hearted day, so if you’re a total misery who only wants to win at stuff, then you won’t enjoy it. All the driving stunts you do are too daft to be believed, so you’ll look as silly as everybody else does when you can’t even keep a Circus car on the road. But all the people we know who’ve done this have had an absolute whale of a time and can’t wait to go back.
Serious driving it is not!

You can take the whole family to watch – though spectators do have to pay a tenner, which gets them a burger, a drink and the use of a warm viewing area, so while you’re out there freezing your bum off, they can have a party in the warm whatever the weather.
And yes, it should come as no surprise that circus driving is an outdoor event (!!!), so make sure you’re dressed for the weather as it won’t be half as much fun if you’re dressed for Bermuda and the outside temperature is freezing, will it?
The whole thing lasts about four hours, but remember that as well as driving the vehicles yourself, you’ll also be riding with other people, switching between vehicles and even just watching some of the others trying their hand at things.

So to sum up, this is a totally fun, totally daft driving day, where nothing does what you expect it to do, and everybody involved has incredible fun.
It is NOT a serious stunt driving day where you learn the techniques of James Bond driving that you’ll see in the movies. That is something completely different, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then check out our Stunt Driving Experiences here.

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Author: Alasdair

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