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Why skydiving?

Do you need to ask? Imagine leaping from a plane high above the earth, the wind howling round your head, the unmatchable feeling of weightlessness, and falling falling falling. Imagine the ground getting imperceptibly ever nearer, the rush of the air, the rush of adrenaline in your veins.

And after what seems like an eternity, your parachute deploys, halts your sudden descent, and you float like gossamer to the ground.

Compare skydiving experiences

Do you see it now? It’s no wonder that thousands of people choose skydiving as a sponsored activity to raise money for charity!
All this fun and excitement and making money for good causes too.

What’s wrong with indoor skydiving?

The answer to that is Nothing at all.

Indoor skydiving is a perfectly good experience, and good fun in its own way. It’s perfect for those who can’t afford – or haven’t been lucky enough to be given – the proper skydiving experience.

Real skydiving is not cheap. It can’t be. You need a plane, you need a qualified diver to go with you, you need training in how to do it safely.
Indoor skydiving uses a custom-built facility on the ground where you fly suspended over a huge fan. You get the weightless sensation, it’s lots of fun, but it can’t have the true adrenaline feeling of hurling yourself out of a plane at fifteen thousand feet!

I do like indoor skydiving, and recommend it as a good starting point for anyone who wants a taster of what a skydive is all about.
But you get what you pay for in skydiving, like in most things, and there’s no beating the real thing.

Check out our recommended one above which is a great general parachuting experience, or have a look below at all the UK’s skydiving gifts and the corresponding prices.

How high and who will I be strapped to?

Most skydives max out at ten or twelve thousand feet, but I’ve also found one that goes even higher – all the way up and up and up to fifteen thousand feet. That’s over four and a half kilometres up in the air – four and a half thousand metres between you and terra firma. That’s a whole long way to fall!.

You’ll find that all these experiences are tandem dives. This means you’ll be strapped to the front of an experienced skydiver, and they’ll be in charge of deploying the parachute and steering the parachute once it’s out. This leaves you free to dangle without any of the responsibility of learning what to do.

Alasdair’s top tip on the best way to buy

Weekdays are naturally cheaper than weekends, like in most pastimes, so I recommend going midweek if you can manage it.

Anyway, try my recommendation – you can’t do better. Or if you’ve got the time, check out all the ones you can get in the UK in my list below. All prices are updated daily, so you get the benefit of any offers straight away, and you can choose exactly the one for you.

Right, here they are then:

Author: Alasdair

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