Skid experience – skidpan training

Skid experience days are the best investment you can make at this time of year.

Learning how to handle a skid safely could mean the difference between life and death
. And the skills and secrets you’ll learn on this skidpan training day should make sure you drive safely in the worst conditions the very worst weather.
And as you’ll find out, the experience is exhilarating and brilliant fun!

My recommended Skid experience day

I selected this particular skidpan training experience for you because it gives you fantastic value for money.

If you can’t get to Silverstone easily – say you live in Scotland or the North of England – or if you just want to check out the whole range of skid days on offer in the UK, well here they are below.

We use only the top, most reputable suppliers, so you can be sure of a great experience. And we update prices daily, so you can be sure you’re paying the best possible price.

Compare skid pan experiences

So what happens on the day?

Prices and locations vary, but the content of the courses is pretty similar.

You turn up on the day and first have a short safety briefing. Nothing too heavy, but a nice introduction to your instructor and essential too.
Then you’re in the car on the custom-built skid terrain (or skidpan) and your experienced instructor takes you through each of the different types of skid, explaining how to handle each of them.
He (or she) will first demonstrate what the skid and manoeuvre feels like by driving it with you riding shotgun. He’ll show you what happens if you handle it the wrong way, then again doing it the right way. And of course all in perfect safety!
And then it’s your turn, going into the skid, bringing the customised car safely out of it. Because however much theory you know, there’s absolutely nothing like the hands-on experience that this day gives you.

Typically you’ll get a full two hours in the car, with about half an hour at the wheel, which we find is plenty to get you feeling at home and confident to handle the most extreme skid situations you’ll come across on the roads.
It won’t turn you into a rally driver, but that’s not the point. Try a rally experience if that’s what you’re after, to see how you’d compare with the pros.
No the purpose of this experience is to equip you with the skills to handle safely any of the skid situations you could accidentally get into while driving in treacherous weather. And we believe that it does that very well indeed.
Try my recommended experience at the top, of check out the details of any of the others you fancy to see exactly what you get.

The best gift you’ll ever give

We all know someone we care about who drives – perhaps a young driver without much experience; or an older driver who’s not too confident when the nights draw in and the weather worsens.

So what better birthday present or Christmas gift could you give them. And all at stocking-filler prices. If you’ve not been on one of these great days out yet, then get a double ticket and go with them, or send them with their OH.
This skid experience is an absolute must for drivers young and old, new and experienced. The skills you’ll learn are vital, but simple to master. Oh, and did we say that it’s a tremendously fun day out? Yes, learn how to survive on the roads in the worst that the weather can throw at you, and enjoy yourself into the bargain.
What are you waiting for?

Author: Alasdair

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