Pizza making experiences

Why bother having takeaway pizza when it’s so easy to make tasty, delicious pizzas of your own?

My recommended Pizza making experience

Learn to make mouth watering pizzas on our recommended workshop, or check out the full list below

You’ll be amazed how simple it is to master the art of pizza making. In fact we’d be surprised after enjoying one of these experiences if you ever bought a takeaway again!

What happens on a Pizza making experience?

Well the basis of the pizza is the crust – thick or thin as you like – and the first thing you learn is how to prepare your pizza dough.
It’s a pretty simple thing to master, how to get just the right consistency, then roll out and condition your dough. But it helps to be instructed by a master!
You’re shown how to make the dough, how to choose and set out your toppings, and last but not least how to cook your pizza.
And of course the best bit is when you take it out of the oven and tuck in to your very own hand-made pizza!

Some classes even make it a social event by including lunch or drinks too. There’ll be a few others on your experience with you, so this will be your chance to get to know them and make a whole bunch of new friends.

A pizza making experience is a special gift

Who doesn’t like pizza? And who doesn’t wish they could have it straight out of the oven instead of straight out of the cardboard box?
So you can see how much the gift of a pizza making experience will be appreciated by old and young, friends and relatives, in fact anyone you need to choose a gift for and want to make a good impression.
And it’s so easy that it’s effortless. Just buy the experience day through this site, then present the gift-wrapped pizza making class voucher to see their face light up.

Author: Alasdair

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