Pasta making experiences

It’s fresh tasty pasta all the way with these pastalicious experiences

Alasdair’s recommended Pasta making experience

You’ll quickly appreciate why dried pasta is nowhere near as good as the real thing on our recommended workshop. Or pick another from the full list below

And if you thought pasta grew on trees, then these experiences certainly are an eye opener!

Pasta harvest hoax

While you’re choosing which pasta making class to take, check out this video of a famous hoax played by the BBC on TV on April Fool’s Day 1957.
You’d be amazed how many viewers were taken in by it!

What happens on a Pasta making experience?

The recipe for pasta is surprisingly simple – flour, water, eggs and a bit of knowhow.
It’s the knowhow that you’ll learn on your experience day, and once you’ve found out how quick and easy it is to make your own real fresh pasta, and how much more delicious it is than the shop-bought dried variety,

You can get tips on the best sauces for pasta too, so it’s goodbye to ready-made pasta sauces and hello authentic, home made Italian cuisine.
Will it impress your friends? I should hope so!!

You’ll probably find a few other people on your pasta making day too, and since Italian cookery is all about friends, family and social occasions, that will only make it better. Or for that extra special touch, select one that includes lunch.

Give a pasta making experience for a gift with that thoughtful touch

Show you care by ditching the traditional gifts this birthday or Christmas, and giving a pasta making experience.
It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and the skill and knowledge that the recipients will learn is the stuff to last a lifetime!

Author: Alasdair

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