Pamper and wet shave experiences for men

If you know a man who likes a bit of pampering, they needn’t lose out. I’ve found some brilliant male pampering experiences including wet shaves, massages and pamper days.

Alasdair’s recommended pampering experience for men

Do men need a specific experience?

Well that’s a tough one. Pretty much all the pampering experiences are open to women and men, but there are an increasing number of pampering gifts especially for men. I suppose this means that there’s an even greater choice for men than women, but this page is devoted to pamper gifts especially for men. If you can’t find what you’re looking or here, then pop over to my general pamper experience page.

So what’s the choice?

I’ve split the experiences into three main categories:
• Wet shaves and facial experiences
• Massages for men
• Pampering and spa days for men

You’ll see in gyms around the UK that men are no longer afraid to take care of their appearance of to feel good about themselves, and the male pamper experiences have grown to meet this demand. While a lot of these experiences are merely ‘male’ versions of existing ‘female’ or even unisex experiences, there are plenty that are only suitable or men – the wet shave experiences for example.

I’ve found that the top sellers are generally bought in conjunction with female pamper gifts, as his and hers experiences. But there’s also a strong demand or male pamper experiences for people searching or gifts for their dad on fathers’ day, and gifts for brothers, boyfriends and sons around Christmas.

Author: Alasdair

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