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Does someone you know love meerkats? Well why not get them absolutely covered in them? What am I saying? Everyone loves meerkats, and everyone would love this experience. Yep, you can actually get into the meerkat enclosure and feed the little rascals, and let them climb all over you. And for a surprisingly low cost too.

This is also a good experience for older kids too. Each is different so check before you buy, but plenty of the experiences shown here allow kids from 8 years old an upwards.

So which meerkat experience is best? Well here’s my answer:

What happens on a meerkat experience?

You can probably imagine, but I’ll tell you anyway. Like ever experience in the UK, you’ll start with a bit of information and health and safety guidance. Don’t press your eyeball against their claws, don’t let them make a nest in your mouth, that sort of stuff :-). OK, it’s boring but you need to know it, so you don’t have any complaints at the end of the day. Then you’ll be off to the zoo enclosure to meet the furry devils themselves.

Chose your favourite meerkat experience

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Most reviews of meerkat encounters say that as soon as you’re in the door, the meerkats are on you, scampering, climbing and zooming up and down your legs. This isn’t one of those occasions where you’re not allowed to touch, but remember they can give a nasty bite if they think you’re a millipede.

This is where the aforementioned health and safety talk comes in. (Always remember to make sure you don’t look like a millipede). You’ll be able to hand feed them, maybe give them a little stroke and talk to the keeper all about them. If you’re lucky there might be a few babies if you go in the Spring.

The average time for each meeting is about 20-30 minutes which is plenty. There’s only so much you can do with a bunch of meerkats that you don’t know personally. If you want more time, why not pretend you’ve fallen over when you’re in the enclosure and say you’ve broken both your legs, and you can’t more or something. Or just buy two experiences.

Cheapest meerkat experiences

These experiences are pretty similar. Once you’ve got covered in meerkats, you’ve got access to the rest of the zoo or animal park. You normally get to feed them handfuls of lovely food and can stay in the enclosure for about 20-30 minutes with the animals. If that isn’t long enough, there’s something seriously wrong with you!

Ali Gray’s Top Tip

Wear old clothes. At best you’ll smell all meerkat-y, at worst they’ll probably wee all over you or even worse!

What are meerkats?

You’ve managed to get right to the bottom of the page and you still don’t know what they are? Even with the pictures? I don’t need to tell you too much about what meerkats are. If you’re already at this page you’ll know they’re a cross between an African mongoose and a sort of stoat or something. I’m not an expert on meerkats – if you don’t know what they are and care enough to find out, then pop along to the Wikipedia page and then come back when you’ve found out.

But I’ll save you some time. They’re those skinny cat things in the picture on this page. Is that enough for you?

Author: Alasdair

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