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Beekeeping is a hobby that is really taking off in the UK. Learn bee keeping and find out how easy it is in this fun and fact-filled day.

Beekeeping is a wonderfully satisfying hobby, with the benefit that you get loads and loads of lovely free honey for you to eat and to sell.

As you’ll have read in the news, honey bees are on the decline in this country firstly due to indiscriminate use of pesticides, then to a nasty little parasite brought in from abroad that infests hives and makes the bees unable to fly before killing them.

So anything we can do towards helping the population to recover is welcome, especially when there’s a golden reward at the end of it!

What happens on the day?

You’ll be in a group of typically a dozen people, and learn from acknowledged masters of the art of apiculture who keep bees for a living.

They’ll show you the different kinds of hives, how to look after bees and build up a hive. It’s quite handy that bees breed well and so will propagate more hives the longer you keep them – if you know what you’re doing and how to keep them with you rather than letting them fly off and make a nest elsewhere!

And of course they’ll show you how to harvest the honey without damaging the bees or the hives, so you can enjoy the incomparable flavour of home-made honey. The day is usually very friendly and informal, so you’ll be encouraged to ask any questions you like and get whatever help you need.

If you’re thinking about taking up bee keeping, then this introductory course is a must.

There aren’t many of these bee keeping days to be had at the moment, but we check up daily and post below all that the ones that you can buy complete with up to date prices.

Here are all the bee keeping experiences available in the UK today.

Author: Alasdair

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