Indoor skydiving experience – floating on air!


What’s it all about?

Indoor skydiving is a fun, safe adrenaline experience that all the family can share.
It’s cheap, it’s convenient, there are places you can do it all over the country.
You get all the thrill of floating on air with none of the high-octane stuff that comes with leaping headlong from a plane and watching the earth rush towards you.
And because you’re not actually plummeting to earth, this brilliant experience lasts longer too.
Generally you get one or two one-minute dives. This free-fall experience is amazingly cheap compared with real skydiving. And you can do it unaided – no need to be strapped to a real skydiver.
And because it’s perfectly safe and takes hardly any time to master (full training given before your dive) it’s great for kids too.

If you want to check out the full set, then here are all the ones you can buy around the UK.

What a fabulous gift!

We all know somebody who’d just love this experience. The adrenaline rush without any of the risks.
How about it for kids’ parties – taking them here beats all the teatimes at the local fast-food restaurant. And no need to give them goody bags either!

Or for adults of practically any age, provided they’re in good health, practically anybody would appreciate this brilliant inexpensive gift.

But why should other people have all the fun? Before you start buying these in bulk, try it out yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Author: Alasdair

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