Hot air balloon flight experience

Picture yourself floating silently high high above the earth. A glass of Champagne in hand. Wonderful views as the vista of the finest landscapes unfolds way below.

Alasdair’s recommended Hot air balloon flight

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If that doesn’t float your boat, I’ve listed for you all the hot air balloon flights you can get from the major providers in price order. Prices are bang up to date so you won’t find cheaper, and you’ll see that often, different providers offer the same experience at different prices. So check them out, and feel confident to buy the cheapest one that gives you the experience you want.

What’s a hot air balloon ride all about?

They all run along similar lines.
You usually get to help unfolding and inflating the balloon (which is not compulsory, but enormous fun if you’ve not done it before). This typically can take up to an hour.
Then you get into the basket suspended from the balloon, your pilot breaks out the hot air burner to give your balloon lift, and you soar into the air.
You typically get about an hour in the air, so plenty of time to relax, admire the view, take pictures and videos to treasure.
Then, after an experience to remember, it’s back down to earth as you land, pack away the balloon and are returned safely to where you started off from.
And there’s usually a glass of Champagne during the experience just to emphasise what a special occasion it is.
The number of people on your trip with you varies (check out the one you select) and generally the more people there are to share the cost, the cheaper the flight.

The pinnacle is a dedicated balloon trip for you and a friend/partner, but this naturally costs much more than when you share. Depends how special the occasion and how much you can afford as to which one you pick.

Any downsides?

Not really.
You usually get an hour in the air, whatever you pay.
You get a fully qualified and experienced pilot. And hot air ballooning is now very safe indeed.
The only potential problem that we’ve seen a few times is the weather.
Hot air balloons are unpowered, so they go where the wind blows. This means that it’s quite possible for your trip to be cancelled at short notice when the wind is above 10 m.p.h. Or when cloud cover or bad weather make the flight potentially unsafe.

So if you’re not prepared for the possibility of cancellation (and rescheduling, of course), then this isn’t the one for you.
That said, even if your trip is postponed, you will get to enjoy it at a later date. And it is well worth the wait.
A flight in a hot air balloon is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Author: Alasdair

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