Helicopter sightseeing experiences

There’s something exciting about helicopters that you just don’t get with planes and hot air balloons. It’s probably the hovering part, and the fact you can take off and land almost anywhere.

I’ve found loads of helicopter flights and tours from the UK’s top experience gift providers, so read on for more information, or click straight through to my recommended experience. If you prefer to learn how to pilot a chopper yourself, you can find those experiences by clicking here.

Recommended helicopter flight

This is my favourite UK helicopter trip gift and it’s a good price. Not bad eh?

How long do I get in the air?

It’s not cheap to keep a helicopter in the air, so you’ll be paying for the time you’re in the air. Some of the really cheap helicopter trips are called Helicopter Thrill Experiences, and believe it or not, you only get 5 minutes in the air. I’ve put these at the bottom of the page because it’s a separate type of experience in itself. Click here to compare prices for helicopter thrill experiences. Unless you really only want to say you’ve been in a helicopter and money is tight, I’d steer clear of these, and move onto the longer experiences.

The majority of longer experiences are 15 minutes and up, and a helicopter at full tilt can fly a long way in this time. On the other end of the scale are the premium helicopter experiences, and these will cost you several hundred pounds. As always with experiences, you get what you pay for, so you’ll get a lot longer in the air with these more expensive flights.

So what’s the price?

Here’s a list of the UK’s leading helicopter sightseeing experiences. Take a look at a few and click through for more information.

Compare helicopter sightseeing experiences

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