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The Cheapest Harley Experience. Not bad eh?

You’ve seen them in the movies, you’ve seen them on TV, but a real life Harley is out of most people’s reach.
Well not any more. Drive it yourself, or ride shotgun on the pillion, these fantastic Harley Davidson riding experiences are just what you’re looking for.

What happens on a Harley-Davidson experience?

Well it does just what it says on the tin! You get to spend time on this most iconic of all US motorcycles.
If you’re over 25 with a clean motorbike licence and some motor biking experience, you get to take the bike in a small group, led by an experienced Harley fan, for a drive across some of the most scenic routes in Britain.

Ride duration varies from one experience to another – the longer it is, clearly the more it will cost.
But the prime experiences include some 6 hours riding on the Harley and cover about 100 miles

Or if you prefer, you can book your experience riding pillion, so you get all of the fun with somebody else driving!

These are real genuine Harleys straight from the USA, usually ex-Police cycles, so you know you’re getting the real deal here.

Is there a Harley-Davidson experience near me?

It depends on where you live, but the chances are you wouldn’t have to go too far. Harley fans are nationwide, and are being well-catered for with this classic experience.

Harley experiences as a gift

We all know one don’t we? Somebody who’s mad about motorcycles, and even madder about the Harley?
Well imagine their face when they open your surprise gift of an experience on this God of the Motorcycle World.
Birthday, anniversary, Christmas – or just to show you care!

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