Birthday experiences for him

Brothers, fathers, sons and just generic men-friends, they’re awful to buy presents for. Once you’ve discounted socks, a hammer, beer, a comedy jumper and cuff links for blokes who don’t wear cuff links, it can seem like there’s nothing original left.

That’s where experience gifts come in. I’ve found loads of really original, and fun experiences that are perfect for the man in your life. 

Now forgive me for choosing the obvious blokey experiences, it’s just that I don’t know your men as well as you do, so I’ve just marked out the usual things men like. If you know your men as well as you think you do, and they’re more on the girly side, just pop over to the ‘gift experiences for women’ page and choose from one of them. Another benefit of these gift is that if the gent in question doesn’t like the gift you’ve bought them, they can always swap it for another experience of the same value. This means, if your man really likes cocktails and massages instead of rally driving and James Bond, they can secretly trade it in and go on a different day out instead.