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A Flyboarding experience is the absolute craziest water sport there is. It’s what everybody is doing now, so why aren’t you?

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This is the one everybody is buying.

What is flyboarding?

It’s the most amazing flying experience you can imagine. Or is it a water experience? Well it uses water and you get wet, but you could get ten metres or more in the air while you’re doing it. So you decide.

It involves you putting on special boots that generate powerful jets of water and take you blasting off skywards.
You’ll get individual one to one tuition from an expert, and get twenty to thirty minutes of soaring like an eagle (or not, depending on what you’re after). These things can whizz up so fast you won’t believe it, or hover up above the water. You’ll be shown exactly how to do it and will soon get the hang of it.

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Will I get wet?

Well here’s a clue. You do it over water, you squirt amazing jets of water out of your boots. And if that’s not enough of a hint, you’re provided with a drysuit to wear over your clothes, and advised to bring a change of clothing and a towel. Are you there yet?

Age limit is minimum 16 or 18 depending on location (check before you buy) and usually maximum of 80, so your granddad could be OK for it if he’s fit and gives the right answers to a medical questionnaire. And so could your grandma. But seriously, it’s quite a physical sport, so you do need to be in good health, not frightened of water, and reasonably fit.

We find that this is an ideal gift for that someone you know who can’t quite find enough excitement in regular everyday things and is always on the look out for something with that extra kick. Beats sitting around with a Playstation any time, doesn’t it?

It’s quite a ground-breaking sport at the moment, so locations are pretty limited – though increasing all the time. We keep an eye on it daily and add them to our list the instant new ones come onto the market.
So here for you is a bang up to date list of all those available in the UK today, with up to date prices so you’re sure of the best value.
Check them out, buy one, enjoy it and come back here to let us know what you thought about it and show us your videos.

Author: Alasdair

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