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Fly fishing experiences are just the thing for people who like a bit of sport, but don’t fancy rushing about doing rugby tackles or getting out of breath. You’re active all the time, not sitting bored and watching a float sitting on the water for hours on end.
And the best bit is that you get to catch fish you can actually eat like trout or salmon!

We deal only with the UK’s top experience providers to give you a fly fishing day to remember, and update the prices daily so you don’t have to. This means that if there’s an offer to be had, you’ll see it here.
So if you want to check out the full list, here they are. A higher price usually means a longer spell of tuition and/or more personal attention. But keep an eye out, as different merchants sometimes have different prices for the same thing.

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Whereabouts are they?

There are locations around the UK, but of course they have to be near a suitable stretch of water, stocked with the right fish. This means that townies will have to travel a bit, but trust me, you’ll find it well worth the trip.

How does the day go?

Experiences are normally half or full day, and the number of people learning alongside you varies, so check out the detail of the one you fancy.
There’s no common view about what’s the right size of tuition group – some like to learn on their own, others with a big group. Our advice is to learn in a group at this stage, rather than on your own, as beginners really do learn so much from being with and watching other beginners. You learn from their mistakes as well as your own, and we find progress is generally quicker. And the day is more fun too.

Decent outdoor gear is essential, as the experience goes ahead regardless of the weather, and it won’t be much fun is you’re shivering under a downpour in your T shirt and shorts while everybody else is snug and dry in their waterproofs. And take decent footwear too.

Fishing equipment will be provided for you, and you’ll learn how to set it up and manage it, as well as finding out what makes the essence of good fishing gear – essential if you love the sport and want to take it up and buy equipment of your own.
And then before you know it you’ll be trying out what you’ve learnt on a real fish.
You’ll have a skilled and experienced instructor, so will find a lot of tips and wrinkles to help you on your way and get you into good habits.

This experience is suitable for complete beginners, so no experience is required. And if you catch any fish (you will, won’t you??) they usually let you take a couple home to dine on and impress the OH.
Rules do vary though, so check it out in the detail before you buy.

We do like the experiences that are for two people, as you’ll get moral support and learn as a shared experience, which is always good. Take your mate, your OH, whoever. This sport is great for women as well as men – indeed some of the best fly fishers are women!

So if you’re looking for a new fascinating hobby, that will be totally absorbing, require you to learn new skills, and reward you with fish to eat, then this could be the one for you.

Whether you fancy a taster, or a more in-depth day is up to you (and your pocket), but the only problem with a taster is that you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll wish it was longer.

And don’t forget this will make a brilliant original gift idea for the man/woman in your life. Birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentines – this truly is a gift for all occasions.

Happy fishing!

Author: Alasdair

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