Feed big cats by hand experience

Feed big cats by hand experience is everything you expected and more!
Here is your Ali Gray guide to the King of Experiences. All about feeding a big cat by hand, and without losing your fingers – or do I mean your arm? – too. You’ll find this brilliant adrenaline experience one of the most exciting things you’ve ever done.

So what are the different ‘feed big cats’ experiences?

There are basically three experiences, one at the Paradise Wildlife Park near Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, one at Dartmoor zoo and the other at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent.
Paradise Park is a lovingly cared-for zoo with lots of other animals, more than enough to spend the whole day with, and free entrance to the zoo is included as part of your day. We’ve been here many times, and the keepers are friendly and very knowledgeable, the animals are content and well cared-for, and it’s our favourite wild animal place. There’s loads to see and loads to enjoy.

The WHF centre is an animal sanctuary for big cats, isn’t open to the general public apart from for special events, and so has a different feel about it. You don’t get to roam about unsupervised before or after your large feline extravaganza, and the cats are less used to visitors as the purpose of the place is rehabilitation and sanctuary. If you’re on a budget you can also try the tea with a tiger experiences, however those are nowhere near as good as these hands-on experiences!

If you just want to see the complete list of all the hands-on days available in the UK and book now, then here they are:

Cheapest ‘feed a big cat’ experiences

Feed big cats experience – how does it work?

It works exactly like it says on the tin.

You turn up at the wildlife park and pay a visit to the big cat enclosure. You get to talk in depth to the big cat keepers – and what these guys don’t know about big cats isn’t worth knowing! This is the only way to find out what these big pussy cats are really like, to get up close and personal with them – close enough to touch their bright fur, to feel their hot hungry breath on your face and look into their cool predator eyes – and the visit climaxes in you holding a hunk of meat while your new furry friend actually eats it out of your hand.
You get to choose which cat you’d prefer to feed based on what magnificent gigantic felines your location has available and hungry at the time.

But a word of warning! We’ve known many people take one of these experiences determined to feed a lion, but when they get there, inspect the full complement of cats available, and have to make the choice, plump for a tiger. I don’t know what it is, whether it’s because tigers are just so much bigger and fiercer close to than the original King of the Jungle, or whether it’s because they’re stripey. Or even because people have fond memories of Tigger in Winnie the Pooh! But don’t be surprised whatever your pussy of choice, if you end up choosing to feed a tiger! But it’s up to you.

There are variations depending on where you go as to how the rest of the day goes for you, but the basics of this fantastic thriller are the same. We’ll go into the differences later.

Isn’t big cat feeding dangerous?

Well it’s not something you’re recommended to do on your own or unsupervised!! These bad boys are not pets, and left to their own devices they’d much rather have you for tea than what you’re feeding them.

But the keepers know their lions (and tigers, and cheetahs, and snow leopards) and you get to feed them in a tightly controlled situation where they get to have their regular tea and you get to keep your arm. (Though just to be on the safe side you need to make sure your tetanus jabs are up to date before going and children under 16 are strictly not allowed).

Where can I buy them?

All the major experience merchants sell these two experience days under different names (you can tell which is which by the location) and we monitor them daily and post the most up-to-date prices so you can compare prices between them and take advantage of any special offers (2 for 1 is not unheard of). But when you’ve checked that it’s the same experience, we recommend buying from the cheapest.

Remember, like a lot of things, it’s cheaper midweek and costs a bit more at weekends too. We always recommend going midweek if you can manage it because, apart from the price, it will be quieter with less other people around, and we prefer that.

Our merchants are the cream of the crop, trustworthy, reliable and keen to give you the day to remember at the lowest possible price.

So check them out here, with our up-to-the-minute prices, and treat yourself or a loved one now (Yes, they make a fantastic gift-with-a-difference! Imagine how thrilled YOU would be to receive one of these treats on a birthday or anniversary!) Simply confirm the location and content of your day, then buy while prices last.

Author: Alasdair

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