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Extreme RIB experience is the water sports adventure experience they’re all talking about. Get on board with the top ones at the best prices.

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What is an extreme RIB?

Well it’s nothing to do with the story of Adam and Eve with Eve being constructed out of Adam’s rib. Though that could sound a bit extreme to some!
RIB stands for Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat, which is pretty much what you’d think it is. A RIB gives you the best of both worlds as a combination of rigidity for strength and durability, and an inflatable section to give you the lightness, flotation and manoeuvrability.
Which in short means that these bad boys are ultra-stable and can really shift!
The RIB is a development of the straightforward inflatable boat, and they are now used by police, armed forces, patrols of all kinds, and even lifeboats.

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You can enjoy a RIB trip in lots of locations nationwide, now – check out the details of the individual ones to see what you get and where they are. But provided you’re near a decent-sized waterway, there should be one not too far away from you.

What do I get on the trip?

Well you’ll need to check the details, but you typically get an hour to an hour and a half of eyeballs-out action. Many people like to go as a group, but if you’re on your own that’s fine too and you’ll join the passengers and crew on your trip and have a whale of a time.
Your skipper will talk you through it first to avoid surprises, but you’ll still be left breathless by the sheer speed and manoeuvrability of these brilliant boats.
High-speed turns, wave-riding and wake-jumping will leave you gasping with excitement in this hair-raising wet adventure.
Naturally you’ll be kitted out with a lifejacket, but expect to get a bit damp to say the least as there’ll be plenty of water flying about as you blast your way through the waves.
Most people comment afterwards that it was faster than they expected. So I don’t know what you’re expecting, but it will probably be faster than that!

Every day, we update this list for you of all the ones you can buy in the UK today, with up to date prices so you can pick the best value.
If you don’t want to go with my recommendation, then check out the list and find one that suits you.
The Solent is quite a popular place for Extreme RIB experiences, as you’d expect, so if you’re within travelling distance, why not give that a try?

Author: Alasdair

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