Escape room experiences

Escape room experiences are the ultimate challenge – can you and your team solve all the clues in time and win the prize/escape with your lives/rescue the spy? You’ll have to think on your feet!

Escape room experiences are the latest craze that everybody’s talking about. Are you clever enough get out in time?

What happens on an escape room experience?

Any of you who follow Lee Mack’s hilarious sitcom ‘Not Going Out’ will have seen an example of a typical escape room experience.
A bunch of you are locked in a room with, in Lee Mack’s case, a ‘bomb’ and need to solve riddles and clues to work out how to get out.
If you’ve been on a treasure hunt, or geocaching, you’ll get the picture.
Except you don’t go wandering round the countryside, all the clues and all the answers are right there in the room with you.

It’s the ultimate in team-building, the best activity for a bunch of mates, or the best teenager party experience.

You’ll need to be casually dressed – leave the bling at home as you may be scrabbling about a bit – but apart from that, all you need is your wits about you.
You may not notice, but the clues are there right next to you, so if you fancy yourself as a lateral thinker, then this is the one for you.
Or even if you don’t but like puzzles and quizzes, it will suit you down to the ground!
It’s as much fun as a group of people can have in a locked room with all their clothes on!!

Author: Alasdair

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