Dumper Truck Racing Experiences

Yes, this is not just a dumper truck driving experience, it’s a dumper truck racing experience!!

Alasdair’s recommended Dumper Truck experience

Bet you didn’t know these big boys could race!

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Do I get to race a real dumper truck?

Yes you do, these miniature dumpers are specially modified for racing, with tyres fastened on to provide cushioning and make them safer,

What happens on a dumper racing experience?

You’re introduced to the dumper trucks – real life ones just like you’d see on a building site – and get to practice handling your dumper truck and driving it safely.
Then you’re pitted against the other contestants to see who’s the fastest, and it’s eyeballs out and foot hard down till you’re over the finish line.
It’s very exhilarating and great fun too.

It’s a very popular day out for a group of friends or colleagues to all turn up and race each other on dumper trucks – quite an improvement over bonding sessions at the coffee shop or pub!!

How about a dumper truck racing experience for that special unusual gift idea?

Imagine their delight when they open your Christmas or birthday gift and find a gift voucher for one of these experiences!!
It’s a gift to be remembered long after it’s over.

Author: Alasdair

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