Drive a racing car experience

Driving a racing car is in a league of its own. A single seater has power and acceleration that so-called sports cars can only dream of.
And now you can try it out yourself by putting your foot down in one of these fantastic experiences.

It certainly is. The cars on offer range from the Formula Renault through Formula Ford right up to the genuine Formula One racing car. And you get to drive them all by yourself – well they’re single seaters, so there’s no other way is there?
The price depends on the type of car you select and on the length of time you get driving, so check out the full list below and see what you fancy. Though there are sometimes offers available if you’re quick, and we show you today’s prices for them all so you can do your shopping around without leaving this page.

On all the real racing car experiences, there’ll be an introduction to advanced driving and several laps of the track in a sports saloon first, to familiarise yourself with the track and learn the racing line.
With the really hairy cars like Formula 1, you’ll actually drive several speedy cars round the circuit first to work up gradually to the raw power that these thoroughbred beauties offer you.
Racing cars are nothing like road cars. Nothing at all. And you’ll get to see how much skill and nerve professional racing drivers really have to show to get on the podium.

So if you’re hard enough, have a look at the full list here, with today’s actual prices.

Give a racing car experience as a fabulous original gift idea

We all know somebody who’s keen on cars. They often think in terms of driving a Ferrari or a rally car. But not many people realise that you can actually get to drive a real genuine racing car instead.
So imagine the look on their face as you give them this gift that will give them memories to treasure for years. Birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just because they’re worth it.
Men or women, anyone with a bit of spark will just love receiving this special present. And just think how many Brownie point you’ll get!!

Author: Alasdair

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