Drive a Lamborghini experiences

Ferraris are cool, but Lambos are so much cooler.


What happens on a Lamborghini experience?

like all the supercar experiences, you turn up, have a quick cheat about health & safety and then get behind the wheel. You’ll have a professional driving sitting beside you in the passenger seat, to give you advice on how to get the best out of these brilliant cars. They’ll also give you a little nudge if you’re driving a bit too recklessly, but I think you need a bit of recklessness in a Lamborghini, even if it’s just insane acceleration and cornering.

Compare Lamborghini experiences

Which cars can I drive?

The vast majority of Lamborghinis on track days are the Gallardo. A few experiences include the Aventador but these usually say in the title of the experience. If you’re in doubt, click through to find out more, although remember that even an average Lamborghini is better than the best car you’ve ever driven!

Remember you need a full driving licence.

All these experiences are on private tracks, but you still need a full driving licence to take part. You’ll need to take this along with you on the day too, or they might not let you drive. The only Lamborghini gifts that don’t require a licence are the passenger laps, where you don’t drive the car, and junior driving days.

Here’s a list of all the UK’s top Lambo driving experiences

Watch out, there are a lot of them! I’ve removed the Lamborghini blast experiences because they’re rubbish and you hardly get any time in the vehicle 😉

Lamborghini facts

The first Lamborghini was a tractor

Ferruccio Lamborghini was loaded after creating Lamborghini Trattori – an Italian tractor company. He had loads of money and loved fast Italian cars. The story goes that he’d bought several Ferraris but they all had clutch problems. Tired of these issues, he decided to design and build his own sports car, and within a few short months the Lamborghini 350GTV was born.

The Bull logo comes from Taurus, the bull.

As well as loving tractors, fast cars and probably red wine and pizza, Ferruccio Lamborghini was really keen on astrology. As his star sign was Taurus, it seemed obvious to use a bull as the logo for his new car company. Luckily his star sign wasn’t Pisces because then the logo would be a rubbish fish or something. That’s nowhere near as cool as a bull.

A Lamborghini is the most expensive car in the world.

Only 9 Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters were ever built, and are now worth up to £3 million each. You can’t drive one of these on any UK experiencere in museums, but there are plenty of opportunities to other Lamborghinis!

Some lucky police in Italy drive Lamborghinis.

The Italian state police have two Lamborghini Gallardos provided by the Larborghini organisation. These are used for delivering organ transplants to hospitals in Italy, so they probably won’t see much GTA5 action.

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