Drive a Formula 1 car experience

Yes, you read it right!
Forget fast saloons, forget rally cars, forget Ferrari experiences. This is you chance to get behind the wheel of an actual Formula 1 car, as driven by real Formula 1 drivers. For speed, thrill and sheer adrenaline, there’s just nothing like it.

Update: F1 Driving experiences in the UK are not available at the moment, so aspiring racing drivers have to drive one of the other formula classes. Check out my list below and all the ones you can get today are there.

This is the closest you can get to F! experience at the moment:

Now I realise that this experience is not cheap, but all I can say is that it is unlike anything you could imagine.
However, if you want to check out the cheaper racing car driving experiences where you get to put the clog down in a real racing car of a different grade, then I’ve reviewed those too.
You can check them out here

So what happens – does Lewis Hamilton take a day off while I drive it?

Well first you need to know that it’s not a current-season’s F1 car – they’re far too valuable and commercially sensitive to let anyone near them.
But it is a genuine race car – either Luca Badoer’s 1996 Italian Forte Corsa, or it could be Aguri Suzuki’s 1994 Arrows racing car. And the power and speed are awe-inspiring.
That’s why you need to work you way up to it.

Letting you loose without training on this 600BHP monster would not end well either for you or for the car. So you’ll work up in stages starting at the bottom with a car that is probably already faster than anything you’ve driven before, going to a faster one and a faster one until you reach the one you came for – the genuine Formula 1 racing car.
So however fast you think you’ve driven before, forget it. As you’ll find on the day, that wasn’t fast at all. In fact it was really quite slow!
You’ll do a lot of fast driving on the day, including instruction in advanced driving techniques and professional assessment.
A sports saloon is only the start, before you move through an Aston Martin and a Ferrari. The idea is to move you up through increasingly fast cars so you get into real racing speeds as gradually as possible so that when you come to the real deal, you’ll be ready for it.

After the Ferrari, you’re on to the single seater Formula Ford, then Formula 3.
And only after you’ve mastered that will you get to drive ten miles in a genuine no-holds-barred 600BHP Formula 1 racing car.

There’ll be a photo of you driving the car, and a certificate to prove it. Even a DVD of it. And somewhere in there you’ll be provided with lunch and afternoon tea.
There are no words to describe it, but if you can afford it you’ll think it well worth the money.

And one final tip, the most common fault that people make when the drive a racing car is not to rev the engine hard enough. So make sure you put your foot down!

Author: Alasdair

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