Drive a Ferrari experience

Ferrari driving was one of the first UK experience days, and it’s stuck around to be a consistent top seller. Here’s my favourite Ferrari day available in the UK today.

Recommended Ferrari driving experience

A great Ferrari driving experience with the chance to drive three different Ferraris. This is the one for a real Ferrari lover. It’s a great price and available across the UK so it’s a brilliant gift too.

I love driving Ferraris. If I had enough money I’d buy myself a few, but even though I can’t afford to buy one myself, there are loads of opportunities to drive one around the UK.

Compare Ferrari experiences

Here’s a list of Ferrari experiences. I’ve removed the ‘blasts’ because they are rubbish and you hardly get any time in the cars!

Is driving a Ferrari the best UK driving experience?

Personally, I prefer the supercar driving days. They usually include driving a Ferrari so you get to compare and contrast the car with other supercars. I like Lambo driving days too and you can find them here, but again, why not experience both if you can afford it, with the supercar day?
However, if you’re buying for someone who is a Ferrari nut, I’ve found some great experiences, and I’ve listed them below. You can even hire a Ferrari for the day and drive on Britain’s roads!

So what to the different types of experience mean?

With driving experiences, you usually get what you pay for. The more the experience costs, the more time you have in the car.

The cheapest experiences are usually just passenger laps, where you sit in the car while a driver puts it through it’s paces. These seem pretty pointless to me, and are mainly only useful if you have no driving licence, or just want to experience what it’s like inside a Ferrari. I’ve removed these from my list because I’m certain that there is always a better alternative.

For the actual Ferrari driving experiences, you will normally get to drive a number of laps around a race track. You’ll have a professional driver sitting next to you, and they’ll stop you from getting too carried away with the power of the Ferrari 😉

At some tracks you’re not allowed to overtake or to put the Ferrari into top gear. I think this in an absolute scandal, so if this has happened to you, leave a comment wt the bottom of the page telling me which track this happened on, and I’ll add it to my Hall of Shame!

Author: Alasdair

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