Cowboy experience day

Go back in time to the Wild West where men were men, women were women and horses were horses!

Alasdair’s recommended cowboy experience day

Here is a complete list of cowboy days for adults available in the UK today. Prices are bang up to date too so you can compare with confidence.

So what happens on a cowboy experience day?

To a greater or lesser extent you spend the time doing what cowboys used to do in the Wild West.
Depending on the individual one, this could be as simple as a leisurely trail through the countryside on horseback, or as immersive as camping cowboy-style, learning rope and weapons skills, or somewhere in between.
So however back to nature you want to go (or don’t), there’ll be something there for you.
Check out the links to see what exactly is involved.

Of course, they didn’t have Health & Safety back in the Wild West, so you won’t be having Gunfights at the OK Corral with real bullets! But despite that, most people find the experiences surprisingly realistic.
The kids’ cowboy experiences are very popular for birthday parties and the like, but there’s no shortage of takers for the adults’ experiences too.

Author: Alasdair

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