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Chocolate making experiences are strictly for those who love chocolate. So if that’s you, come on in! You’ve come to the right place

Alasdair’s recommended chocolate making experience day

Chocolate making is twice the fun of chocolate eating. First you get to make it, eating bits as you go along. Then you get to eat what you’ve made, and because you’ve made it all by yourself, it tastes so much nicer.
How good is that? And if you can resist eating your chocolate for long enough, you can even take pictures of it too and show the world your skill on your Facebook page.

And the good news is that there are chocolate workshops all over the country, so there’s bound to be one near you.

There’s quite a bit of variety in what’s included on these chocolate workshops, so you can either go with our recommendation above which is our favourite tried and tested one, or check out the whole lot below and see what takes your fancy there.
And because we keep prices updated daily for you, you know you’re getting the best value. And of course any special offers like 2 for 1 will show up straight away.

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Just find the one you like the look of, click through to the supplier so you can confirm the exact content of your workshop, and you can buy there and then.

A typical chocolate workshop

Though the workshops do vary, there’s a common theme running through them.
You first get a fascinating intro to chocolate, some amazing secrets and important things to know and how we got to be enjoying it in the first place.

Then there’ll be tastings and a brief demo by top chocolatiers before you get hands on and start making your own chocolate delights.
It’s not as messy as you may imagine, so you won’t come out coated from head to foot. But you will get it on your fingers and round your mouth!!

There may be extras like a glass of wine, and stuff like that which we don’t personally think adds a lot to your experience which should be about chocolate, the more chocolate the better.
And some courses are organic, if that’s what floats your boat.

Chocolate making experience makes a great gift

Picture the look on your OH’s face as you hand over this chocolate heaven surprise!
And because you’ve booked a workshop for two, then of course you get to go along and share in the fun.
So that’s a double win situation for you. You get the brownie points for the most original and thoughtful present your OH has ever had, and then you get to go on a chocolate workshop too.

Or go with a group of friends and have loads of fun getting chocolatey all together.

Author: Alasdair

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