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Cheese tasting experiences are designed for cheese lovers who want to find out more about it and discover new and exciting varieties,

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Cheese and wine. Since mankind first started preserving milk and fermenting grapes, cheese and wine have always gone together. And how! They complement each other in a way that nothing else does, bringing out each other’s hidden depths and subtleties, so it’s no wonder that cheese and wine tastings always go together. And of course the finesse of the palate required to truly appreciate the one is also essential to appreciate the other.

What happens at a cheese tasting?

Well it does just what it says on the tin, really. You taste a number of cheeses and a number of fine wines under the watchful eye of experts who help you with technique and appreciation tips, tricks and secrets. The aim is to emerge from the experience with a raft more knowledge and ready to delve further into this most refined and fascinating of studies. And to have a great time, of course, with other like-minded lovers of good food and wines.

Roughly speaking, the more cheeses and wines you taste, the higher the quality, and the more experienced and renowned the experts are, the more your experience will cost. They last up to an hour and a half, by which time your tastebuds will be longing for a rest anyway, and even the dearest ones are surprisingly affordable.

So my advice is don’t try to economise by saving a couple of pounds. Go for the best, and you’ll be glad you did.

In case you want to check out the whole market though, here is the full list of cheese tasting experiences available in the UK at the moment, with up to the minute prices. Have a look at them, then buy our recommended one because it’s the best.

Cheese tasting, and wine tasting too, is quite a social event and mixing with other aspiring connoisseurs is all part of the enjoyment. That’s why we recommend taking a friend or partner with you so you can not only share the same experience and learn together, but you’ll have lots of common ground when it comes to discussing the event afterwards and furthering your knowledge and appreciation of fine wines and cheeses.

Or how about giving one or two of these as an unusual gift? Make a change from the perfume, jumpers or whatever, won’t it? A gift experience like this is always appreciated, and the memories it gives and knowledge it teaches will last far longer and give much much more pleasure than any of the normal stuff that you wrap up for birthdays, Christmases or anniversaries.

And finally, remember that wine and driving don’t mix. So get a lift or go by public transport and you’ll be free to enjoy your cheese and wines without a care in the world.


Author: Alasdair

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