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Beer tasting experiences and brewery visits are very popular, and it’s not surprising – check out our favourite!

Beer has always been a popular pastime in all parts of the UK, for men and women alike. And whether you like a couple of pints of lager, or a sample of The Old Speckled Hen, there’s a beer experience to suit you. There are Beer tasting experiences of all kinds, from a social pint and a pie, to real ale tastings where connoisseurs can savour and compare the offerings of the many craft and artisan breweries that this country boasts.
Or if you want to see how it’s made as well, then there’s a host of brewery tours on offer, each one accompanied of course by a serious tasting of he product!

What happens on a beer tasting experience?

The experiences on offer are about as varied as the beer-drinkers looking for them.

If you just want a few pints and a bite to eat in congenial company, then that’s fine.
Or do you want to try some of the more specialist beers and give your opinion on how they compare? You’ll find experiences like this in abundance.
And there are now a lot of smaller breweries that have opened their doors in the past few years, generally run by enthusiasts who really know and appreciate what makes a really good beer, and can talk about (and demonstrate) it for hours.

Is there a beer experience near me?

It depends on where you live.

London and the South East are very well served with breweries and fine ales, as you’d expect.
But Yorkshire and the North of England don’t lag behind either and you’ll find beers in Yorkshire and the North as good as you’ll find anywhere.
Clearly, if you live in a remote area of the UK, then you’re going to have to travel to put your beer-appreciation muscles to the test, but fortunately you’ll find that some of the experiences include an overnight stay.
And a brewery visit including after-hours tasting and accommodation would certainly make a great surprise birthday present or Christmas gift for the man (or woman) who appreciates their beer!!

Needless to say, beer experiences for two are a very popular choice, so you can go with your OH, or even with a drinking companion.


And finally, remember that beer and driving don’t mix. So get a lift or go by public transport and you’ll be free to enjoy your experience safely and carefree.

Author: Alasdair

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