Breakfast, brunch or tea with the big cats

An original idea that’s only available in the Paradise wildlife park in Hertfordshire is having a meal in a special restaurant overlooking the big cat enclosure, while learning about them from the keepers.
It’s a cheaper alternative to feeding the big cats or the big cat encounters, and you don’t get to interact with the animals. However if you want a gift for a tiger-lover and don’t want to spend too much, it’s a decent choice.

Alasdair’s top tip – If you can afford a big cat encounter or feeding the lions experience, then I’d recommend you buy one of them. The price difference is definitely worth it.

Eat with the tigers

The price for these experiences includes entrance to the park in Hertfordshire and a small meal overlooking the tiger enclosure. You don’t get really close to the animals but you do get a nice snack in a comfortable room, and a clear view of them tigers.

Breakfast with big cats

These are all the same so just choose the cheapest:

Breakfast With The Big Cats For Two Picture Virgin experience days Logo  Breakfast With The Big Cats For Two £175.00
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Breakfast With The Tigers Picture Activity Superstore Logo  Breakfast With The Tigers £89.00
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So is the view really worth it?
It depends what you think of tigers. It’s a really good view, as you can see from these pictures. It’s not as good as getting really close and feeding the animals, but as a compromise if you can’t afford that, it’s certainly a change from gazing through bars surrounded by screeching school kids.

Author: Alasdair

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