Bread making experiences

You’ve seen them on TV in The Great British Bake Off. Now try it for yourself!

Recommended Bread making experience

We’ve studied them all, and this is our recommendation. Or check out the full list below.

Supermarket bread is one thing, but there’s nothing like the smell of your own home-baked bread just coming, piping hot, out of the oven.

What happens on a Bread making experience?

You’re shown by an expert, how to make bread.
Sounds simple?
Well it is and it isn’t.

Bread is made with yeast, which is a living thing, and has to be treated in just the right way to get the very best bread.
Let the experts show you how to do it, and have a go yourself under their watchful eye.
However much you watch somebody else, there’s nothing like trying it for yourself, and that’s what these bread making workshops are all about.

Some workshops make it more of a social event by including lunch or drinks too. There’ll be a few others on your course with you, so this will let you get to know them and make new friends.
It will also let you learn from each other as you avoid their mistakes and they avoid yours! Check out the full list to pick the exact bread experience that’s right for you.

Give a bread making experience as a gift with a difference

Practically everybody loves bread, but very few can actually make it.
And the only essential really is an oven.
So instead of struggling to find Christmas or birthday gifts for friends and family, give an original gift idea.
Give a bread making experience and watch their face light up.

Author: Alasdair

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