Bletchley Park Visit – Codebreaking Experience

Enjoy a fabulous trip to the legendary Bletchley Park,

famous as the World War 2 codebreaking centre where Alan Turning cracked the infamous German Enigma Code and helped us win the war.

Set in wonderful historic grounds, the highlight of your visit will be going into the actual Codebreakers’ Huts which have been lovingly restored and equipped with multimedia commentary to take you right into the heart of what it must have been like

It’s an excellent and fascinating day out for all ages.

You’ll have the chance to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea as part of your visit, or if you want to make a break of it, you can combine it with a luxury one night break at a top hotel, including dinner.

Here are all the Bletchley Park tours that you can get at the moment, so take your pick and check out the place where The Imitation Game actually happened.

If you’ve watched the film The Imitation Game, that showed some of how it was done, with large numbers of highly skilled and talented women working constantly for months on end ploughing through the possible solutions for the code under the guidance of the great Alan Turing.

All of these people knew that their job was vital to Britain’s winning the war, but each had only a small part of the full picture.
And at the end of the day, they al had to go home and pretend that they had a regular job rather than reveal what they were really up to!
Even long after the war had finished, they kept the secrets of Bletchley Park and their vital work there, until it was no longer a threat to National Security to reveal them.

Author: Alasdair

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