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Ice Climbing Experiences and Rock Climbing Experiences

If you love climbing, then you’ll love these climbing experiences. Ice, rock, indoor or outdoor, choose your perfect experience today.

Clay pigeon shooting experience days

This shooting experience is one of the most popular experience days. Nice...

Tank driving experience – The Full Monty

Who hasn’t always LONGED to drive a tank?? And we don’t just...

Hovercraft racing experience days

Would you like to fly across water and land, on a cushion of air? It’s...

Escape room experiences

Are you clever and fast enough to solve all the clues and escape in time?

Trampolining experiences

Trampoline experiences are a brilliant idea for children’s parties.

Dumper Truck Racing Experiences

Yes, this is not just a dumper truck driving experience, it’s a dumper...

JCB Driving Experiences

You’ve always wanted to drive a JCB! Well now you can. Alasdair’s...

Dukes of Hazzard experience day – Drive the General Lee

We love the General Lee, the classic Dodge Charger from the 1980s. And now you can drive one for yourself.

Harley Davidson experiences

Harley Davidson – Easy Rider experience here in the UK Recommended...

Chilli experiences

An experience that chilli lovers just shouldn’t miss. My recommended...

Pasta making experiences

It’s fresh tasty pasta all the way with these pastalicious experiences...

Pizza making experiences

Why bother having takeaway pizza when it’s so easy to make tasty,...

Bread making experiences

You’ve seen them on TV in The Great British Bake Off. Now try it for...

Faulty Towers Dining Experience

Blimey, what a bizarre experience this is. Basically it’s a wonderful...

Brewery visits – beer tasting experiences

Beer experience – taste lots of beers or visit a brewery...

Cheese tasting experience

If you love cheese, you’ll love cheese tasting. I’ve found the best UK cheese tasting experience gifts and compared them. Find out more here.

Curry making experiences and Indian cookery courses

Learn to cook Indian dishes like the professionals. You’ll never need to order a takeaway again after one of these spicy experience days.

Sushi making experience gifts, classes & courses

Learn how to make sushi just like the professional chefs, and then scoff everything you’ve made. A delicious gourmet experience.

Gin making and gin tasting experience days

With a big range of gin tasting and making experiences, there’s certainly something here for the gin lover in your life.

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Experience days in Dorset

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Bletchley Park Visit – Codebreaking Experience

Enjoy a fabulous trip to the legendary Bletchley Park, famous as the World...

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